Neu What?

We pronounce it ‘new dice’ because it is time for a new roll of the dice. Business as usual isn’t working. It relies on cultures and ways of working that are designed around one set of neurotypes.

This is fine in times of stability where innovation is irrelevant or undesirable. These are not such times. These are times of uncertainty and change.

We need cultures and ways of working that allow people with different ways of thinking to come together to innovate and create new solutions. We need neuroinclusive cultures and ways of working. This means we need new models for doing business. And this means we need NeuDICE.

At NeuDICE, we support neurodivergent people to develop their full business potential and we support businesses to develop neuroinclusive cultures.


Being an entrepreneur can be isolating, particularly if existing networking opportunities and business support services just don’t work for you. We provide a virtual and in person community where we learn from each other, trade with each other, and support each other.

Products & Services

Three challenges facing neurodivergent entrepreneurship are: getting the right team and systems in place; getting business support and professional services that make sense to you; finding suitable spaces to work. NeuDICE is constantly developing new solutions for these challenges.

Living Lab

The Living Lab is at the heart of NeuDICE. The community identify challenges; the Living Lab works hand-in-hand with the community to find or co-create effective solutions; the new knowledge goes straight into use within the community and is also used to create services and products.

About Us

NeuDICE is a Community Interest Company. It is run by and for members of the neurodivergent community. There are three co-founders/directors.

Ed Fish

Ed is sole director of Pandora Consultancy Limited. He works internationally to optimise business processes, improves behaviours and creates inclusive working environment

Anne Collis

Anne is owner-director of PinkGold Ltd  and co-founder of Barod CIC. She has a doctorate in organisational management, has conducted research on the entrepreneurship of people with learning disabilities and has experience as a peer to peer business advisor with Social Business Wales.


Get Started


Reduced or free membership: Ask us.
We don't want price to be a barrier. If there's money in the kitty, we will provide reduced or free membership for as long as needed, no questions asked. 

Standard membership: £20 a month.

When you join, you will be sent a free ‘Ed the Duck’ and guidance from the Living Lab on how to use them.
Standard membership includes:
   * Access to Discord Server
   * Virtual co-working sessions
   * Weekly 'accountability sprint'
   * Monthly virtual Ask the Expert sessions
   * 20% off all NeuDICE products, services and events
   * B2B trading opportunities
Local face to face events, where available, may incur a small charge to attend to cover costs
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Pay it forward membership: £40 a month.

This membership enables us to offer discounted or free memberships to potential members who receive Universal Credit or for whom paying £20 a month would be a barrier to being able to join.
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Living Lab membership: Just £20 for a whole year.

This commits you to a minimum of ½ day a month of involvement in the research and development of identifying challenges and co-creating new solutions.
In exchange for your Living Lab membership commitment, you get all the standard membership benefits plus the opportunity to trial new solutions, services and products for 1/12th the price of standard membership.
Living Lab membership is automatically cancelled without refund after 3 months if you default on the commitment.
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Registered Office: 33 Bryn Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea SA5 4RA
Company number: 14585791

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