Our Community

When you become a member, you become part of the NeuDICE community. 

This community is based on Discord, with some community activity on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We have a small number of local face-to-face 'rafts' (30 April 2023: NeuDICE-Plymouth, NeuDICE-Swansea and NeuDICE-Pembroke Dock). We are always happy to support clusters of local members to set up their own 'raft'. 

A raft is the technical term for a group of ducks swimming together in the same direction, so fits with our mascot Ed the Duck (see Living Lab for The Ed Trials). Raft also seemed a good choice because many members feel NeuDICE is a liftraft for them and their businesses.

Virtual events

We have a schedule of activities for members, mostly monthly. These include a welcome session for new members, a virtual Living Lab, a co-working day and an anti-social social meet-up that includes an 'ask the expert' session. 

We host weekly 'accountability sprints'. These are one hour slots where members sign into the video call and say what they plan to achieve in the next 40 minutes. It's then microphone off and heads down until someone calls time. The remainder of the hour is a celebration of wins and encouragement if it was a non-win. It's perfect for that dopamine hit and external accountability. The groups are kept small, but any member is welcome to set up their own accountability sprint session in the Discord server. 

Members are always welcome to suggest or initiate virtual meet-ups. 

Interested in becoming a member and joining the community but not ready to commit? Email hello@neudice.org to book a free 15 minute call or come look for us on Facebook.


In person community

From April 2023, there are three local 'rafts': Swansea, Pembroke Dock and Plymouth. During the year, we will be encouraging local clusters of members to think about starting their own 'raft' with our central support. (Looking at you, Brighton & Hove, Milton Keynes, Leeds and Glasgow!)

Each 'raft' will do its own thing. Activities we have tried so far are:

  • Round the water cooler. This is an informal social occasion, designed for people who work alone and would like occasional social interaction with other ‘neurospicy’ business people, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • Meet The Duck. These are monthly working days where NeuDICE members agree to book into the same co-working space and tackle monthly tasks or tasks they keep putting off. Members bring their Ed the Duck (see Living Lab for The Ed Trials) so we can spot each other.  Each Meet The Duck has its own room in the Discord server so members can interact without entering each other’s personal space or risking disrupting people who are mid hyper-focus.
  • Problem-solving sessions. These are an off-shoot of the Living Lab. Members create a wall of current work-related challenges. In most sessions, members will find at least one other member has faced their current challenge and can suggest a hack that has worked for them.
  • The Anti-Business Business Club. Coming soon to Swansea. This will be for anyone who is turned off by business clubs, networking events and capitalist business practices. It brings together experienced and newby business owners in a relaxed space where we can work out how to do business in a way that feels right and leaves the planet, people and communities better than when we found them. 

Interested in becoming a member and joining the community but not ready to commit? Email hello@neudice.org to book a free 15 minute call or come look for us on Facebook.

Registered Office: 33 Bryn Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea SA5 4RA
Company number: 14585791

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