NeuDICE Membership

NeuDICE is a neurodivergent-led, inclusive, international community of entrepreneurs. We welcome freelancers, self-employed, business leaders, and anyone working entrepreneurially.

Standard membership: £20 a month.
When you join, you will be sent a free ‘Ed the Duck’ and guidance from the Living Lab on how to use them.
Standard membership includes:
* Access to Discord Server
* Virtual co-working sessions
* Weekly 'accountability sprint'
* Monthly virtual Ask the Expert sessions
* 20% off all NeuDICE products, services and events
* B2B trading opportunities
Local face to face events, where available, may incur a small charge to attend to cover costs

Pay it forward membership: over £20 a month.
This membership enables us to offer discounted or free memberships to potential members who receive Universal Credit or for whom paying £20 a month would be a barrier to being able to join.

Reduced or free membership: Ask us.
We don't want price to be a barrier. If there's money in the kitty, we will provide reduced or free membership for as long as needed, no questions asked.

Living Lab membership: Just £20 for a whole year.
This commits you to a minimum of ½ day a month of involvement in the research and development of identifying challenges and co-creating new solutions.
In exchange for your Living Lab membership commitment, you get all the standard membership benefits plus the opportunity to trial new solutions, services and products for 1/12th the price of standard membership.
Living Lab membership is automatically cancelled without refund after 3 months if you default on the commitment.
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Registered Office: 33 Bryn Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea SA5 4RA
Company number: 14585791

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